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Be informed of what your competitors and consumers are saying in real-time. An innovative solution is 70% machine codes, 30% human touch.

General services

  • Brand and campaign management
  • Audience analysis
  • Competitor, industry and trend analysis

Automate the social listening process to hear what people say about you on the public domain. Get real-time intelligence on:

  • Your company and brands
  • Your competitors
  • Your industry

As an advisory firm, we will recommend solutions in real-time to help you navigate the brand crises and opportunities.

Example: Take the case of SP Group power downtime that happened at 1.18am on 18 Sep 2018 in Singapore. We can set up trackers to listen to the right sources and make sure you are the first to know and react if such an incident occurs again.

We listen to your social footprints 24/7 and recommend real-time solutions to navigate threats and opportunities so that you and your team can go off the desk.

We analyse your current audiences and find new audiences for your brands, by finding out what triggers them. This helps you to build a more intuitive top-of-the-funnel channel to generate better leads.

  • Collect data from the big web to analyse your audience
    • Who/what/how/why
    • Analyse their nuanced demographic factors
  • Find a new audience for you to target
    • Understand what messaging is needed to bring them in
  • Find the narrative that excites your audience the most

Example: Analyse the profiles of the audience that mention your brands online. For each of the positive and negative categories, we use machine learning to break the user categories down into demographic factors. We categorise the insights mentioned by each group. These nuanced details will be useful in targeted marketing.

We boost your lead generation process by leveraging on big data to find out what really motivates your prospects.

We monitor every social chatter on the web that is relevant to your company, be it brands, trends and regulatory changes.

You want to be aware of every strategic action taken by your competitors and immediately take action to close up the competitive gap. It is more cost-effective to react fast than to play the catch-up game.

Example: Your competitor is pulling off a marketing strategy to target the elderly market, you want to be aware of and possibly launch a counter strategy to fight for this pie early, and not wait till your competitor has monopolised the market. ASOS as a fast-fashion retailer is very good in monitoring competition and fashion trends and pushing out fashion items that appeal.

We help you track insights and trends across the big web, sieve out real-time insights on what your competitors are doing, so you can react immediately.

We do highly bespoke work for you like:

  • Counting the number of monkeys that intrudes your backyard –  what species, what time, how to chase them away
  • Count the number of people in an event venue – snap pictures and push to your mobile phone if a certain number of people, people-type are counted
  • Set off a loud alarm if a baby crosses into the kitchen boundary at home
  • Other crazies you can think of – almost nothing is impossible!

Intelligently perform the tasks you never thought were possible before

Our team

We are a team with cross-domain expertise. We are machine learning engineers, developers and consultants based both in Singapore and globally.


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