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We are Latent Advisory. We are a passionate team of software engineers, business analysts, data scientists and marketers focused on driving results for our clients in the fast growing sectors. We believe that quantifying unstructured data on the big web unlocks value for many organizations. Advisory services help bridge the edge cases.

Getting Started

Who is Latent Advisory for?

Latent Advisory is customised big data insights service for c-suites, consultants, influencers, traders. Generally, it is for key decision makers that make decision off consumer insights, without needing to write any line of codes nor use a platform. Recommendations are made in real time to achieve your KPIs, beyond just data aggregation.

How much does Latent Advisory cost?

Latent Advisory is bespoked to the scope of work done for you.

How I can get Latent Advisory for free?

You can sign up for our free insights scoping plan and we will map out insights for your company.

How latent works

What’s special about Latent Advisory?

Stop spectulating on what one deemed is right. Start knowing the real facts. We blend automation, natural language processing and state-of-the-art-technologies for you to know what your consumers, competitors and industry are saying out there.

What problem does Latent Advisory solve?

For CEOs/consultants. Use Cases. Understand industry shifts over time Understand consumer motivations and behaviours ROI. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors Detect and capitalize on industry trends Evaluate and adjust to competitive landscape

For Chief Marketing Officers. Use cases. Understand consumer’s path to purchase Visualize existing audience Find a new audience ROI. Fine tune audience segmentation and message Measure and boost campaign performance

For Corporate Communications/Influencers. Use cases. Track and react to brand reputation in real time ROI. Build a stronger brand narrative Provide customer care more quickly Create positive engagement Able to command better brand premium and fees

For Traders. Use cases. Analyze sentiment shift of companies in real time from obscure yet impactful sources Overlay a new source of alpha source which is almost impossible to obtain trivially ROI. Run more effective short-term trading strategies (i.e. market neutral, stats arb style)

How does Latent Advisory differ from other consulting services?

We emphasis on being the most user friendly advisory firm out there. Our text analytics and machine learning libraries are the best of what we have today and are specially localised for the insights tracked.

More about early access

We offer special access to a selected group of users. Please email us at to get early access.


How does advisory work?

Through our interactions with our clients, we learnt that many of them have edge cases which is best addressed through advisory service. The codes are useful to up to 70% while the remaining 30% requires qualitative human discretion.

How to contact Latent for advisory work?

Email with your requirements and we will get back to you.